Pretrial Intervention Services

What: Increase the use and effectiveness of pretrial interventions for individuals involved with the justice system who are ready to work on their recovery, willing to appear for court hearings, and remain arrest-free

Who: Qualifying persons charged with misdemeanor, non-violent drug, and/or drug-related offenses

How: All participants will receive peer support, be monitored a minimum of monthly, receive multiple notifications of their court date, and will be subject to random drug screenings. Participants may also receive additional services based on individual needs, including connections to community agencies/organizations for additional assistance with issues related to substance use disorder, mental and physical health, housing, employment, transportation, food, child care, or other identified needs.

Where: Sullivan County

Why: People with a substance use disorder need support while identifying their path to recovery. They will receive support as they develop a plan to maximize success as they continue on their recovery journey.

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