Job Opportunity

Compassionate Staff needed to work on a new Overdose Response Team grant

The Opioid Response Team will provide a rapid response and case management as needed to support access to treatment to individuals who have experienced a non-fatal overdose and family members who have been witness to the event.

The team will include the following positions. (Please click on the job title OR the button below for a link to the job description. The job descriptions are nearly final drafts.)

  • Full-Time Project Coordinator: Will compile overdose data, provide project oversight, conduct routine partnership meetings, increase community awareness, and ensures Naloxone training and kits are available to those who need it.
  • Full-Time Certified Peer Recovery Specialist: Will be present during initial engagement by the CJL, provides ongoing follow-up, relation building and connection to recovery support services. This person will work different shifts.
  • Case Manager II: Will be present during the initial engagement by the team to enable survivors to make informed choices about opportunities and services, and coordinate services to meet the client's goals.
  • Family Advocate: Will provide victim support services and follow up with the family and children. Identifies additional supports needed, works with community stake holders to identify a continuum of care that supports child and family stabilization.

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