Partnering with the community for a healthier, drug-free Sullivan County

Followup from Coalition meeting

To help with the Delta-8 Scan project, please scan the QR code to your phone so you have access to the form when you are able to provide information about any of the following:


Chewing Tobacco/Dip/Other Mouth Tobacco

Delta Gummies

HHC Gummies

Tobacco Vapes/E-Cigs

Delta/HHC Vapes (carts)

CBD products (edibles/lotions/etc.)

Please participate in the Annual Coalition Survey (annoymous) -

Black History Month reminds us to check our cultural competency. 

Cultural competency is the ability to understand, appreciate, and effectively work with people from diverse cultures. In coalition work, it is important to use cultural competency to build trust and effectively communicate with members from different backgrounds. 

SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is the process Coalitions use to do the work. The SPF contains seven elements that develop the infrastructure needed for community-based public health approaches to effective and sustainable reductions in substance use. Effective coalitions make a concerted effort to ensure that cultural competence permeates all aspects of their work.

RED-LINE: 1-800-889-9789

Information and referral line provides accurate, up-to-date alcohol, drug, problem gambling, and other addiction information and referrals to all citizens of Tennessee at their request.

Callers are provided with at least 3 referral sources when possible. REDLINE staff does not do therapy or counseling with the caller or substance abuser, but gives them the information to put them in touch with someone who will provide a diagnosis, prognosis or assessment of the mental or physical health of the substance user/abuser. The REDLINE strives to provide the caller with specific referrals based on their stated needs.