Prescription Drugs

What:  Prevention of prescription drug misuse.

Who: Youth and Young Adults, ages 12-24

How: Primary prevention strategies focus on providing information to the community about the risks and dangers of prescription drugs by building skills, changing policies and practices that provide protective environments to allow youth to make healthy and positive choices.

3 Ways to Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse

It is recommended to count your medications at least every 2 weeks. This will ensure that you are taking your medications as prescribed and help to prevent theft. 

Keep your medications in a lock box or secured cabinet. This protects children from accidental ingestion and protects medications from not being used as prescribed.  If you need assistance with purchasing a lock box for medications, please contact SCAD Coalition. 

Properly disposing of medications once they have expired or unused protects you, your loved ones and the environment. There are many ways to dispose of unused and expired medications. Each April and October, the DEA's National Take Back Day is held, or there are permeant drop box locations available all year long. Here are the locations in Sullivan County: 

Where:  Sullivan County, Tennessee

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