Tobacco Retailer Advertising and Point of Sale Marketing

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Tobacco and alcohol advertising should not be targeting youth.

YOU CAN HELP: As part of our assessment of our community's advertising practices you can help by collecting data and reporting on a number of tobacco and alcohol related environmental problems. When you are in a retail environment that sells tobacco or alcohol, please fill out our forms using the mobile app.

If you are unsure how to answer the questions, there is a list of examples below.

We appreciate any help assessing our communities ability to stop underage tobacco initiation and underage drinking. (You can also contact us for paper surveys to help with this project, or print out a copy of the survey at the bottom of the page.)

The Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalitions Mobile App is designed to capture data from around the county about advertising around tobacco and alcohol. Scanning the environment for advertising and marketing that is targeting underage youth is an important way to help make decisions about strategies to help prevent underage use of these substances.

To Use the App:

Download it on either the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores and HTML5

Fill Out the forms: Use the app as you go to businesses and retailers who sell tobacco and alcohol and report on the advertising and signage. The forms will asks questions about the advertising.

Alcohol ID Checks: We also have a form that asks about alcohol ID checks. If you are of age to purchase alcohol, and would like to report back about businesses that are either checking IDs (hopefully) or not checking you may report that to us as well.

Secondhand Smoke: If you are a location where smoking is prohibited and people are smoking or vaping, please send us the information.

DEA Drug Abuse Reporting: We have a link to the DEA Drug Abuse reporting form. This information goes directly to the DEA.

PHOTOS: There is a place for pictures. If you would like to submit a picture of some advertising we encourage you to send those to SCAD Coalition. The surveys can be anonymous, though the pictures are not.

About Us: This tab gives information about the SCAD Coalition and a link to our website.

Donations: This tab takes you to our PayPal account set up for direct donations to the coalition. This helps fund substance abuse prevention activities that the grants may not cover.

Messages: We have messages posted here if there is some information that we feel is very important and that you need to know immediately.

Social Media: We have connected our Facebook and Twitter accounts here if you would like to follow us on social media. We post valuable up to date information on our social media about the latest research and information on substance abuse.

Calendar: The calendar list important dates like the SCAD Coalition meetings, and other community events centered around substance abuse prevention.


Please download the app and SHARE it with your friends and coworkers and let us know what you think.

Point of Sale Marketing -Tobacco Retailers

Tobacco has state and federal laws that govern advertisement and sales. It is important for retailers to abide by these regulations. Links are provided below for retailers and interested parties.