Founded in 1992, Nicotine-Free Mountain Empire, is committed to reducing youth tobacco use in our region. The coalition currently exists as a project team under the auspices of the Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition. NFME consists of dedicated health care professionals and volunteers who have a passion for reducing tobacco use in the region

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Health Care Heroes 
NFME-Nominated Community Service Award Winners:
  • Deborah Reiff, M.D.
  • Jeff Kappa, M.D.
  • Richard Reed, M.D. 
  • Tony DeLucia
  • Delmar Smith
  • Joe Watkins
  • Marvin Ketron
  • Billy Conant
  • Gail Rexter

The Mission of Nicotine-Free M.E.

To promote and improve human welfare and health in our region by reducing tobacco use through coordinated initiatives that include: prevention through public education, cessation, youth involvement,and regional planning/communication.

Goals and Objectives
1. Develop an effective public education/prevention campaign.
2. Provide and promote available cessation resources within the region.
3. Involve youth in the planning and implementation of public awareness campaigns/activities.
4. Build an effective, sustainable regional tobacco control coalition.

Quit Tobacco Now
NFME is aware that quitting smoking or spit tobacco is a difficult task that often takes many attempts before obtaining long term success. Therefore NFME encourages you to get as much support as possible in your endeavor to quit. Certainly, talking to your physician is always wise. In addition, NFME has found the following to be helpful to many trying to quit tobacco. 
· 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669)Mon. – Fri. 9-4:30 EST This quit line is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. You will talk to someone for up to 30 minutes who will help you design a quit plan specifically for your needs. They also offer other means of support if you desire.
·1-800-LUNG USA (American Lung Association)
· (National Cancer Institute and CDC)
· (American Lung Association)
· (Merck Pharmaceuticals)
· (American Legacy Foundation)
· (Am. Legacy Foundation - for pregnant smokers)

Youth Tobacco Prevention Programs
  • "Piggy and Ciggy" is a smoking prevention program designed and presented by Wellmont educators for Kindergarten-3rd grade.
  • "Smoke Free That's Me" is geared to 4th and 5th graders and was written by the VA Lung Association. Several NFME Volunteers have been trained to present this program in the classroom.
  • Area physicians accompanied by patients who give their testimonies about tobacco induced illnesses (emphysemia, lung cancer, oral cancer) are popular with middle school assemblies. Many of the patients who speak started smoking or using spit tobacco in their early teens. 
  • A dramatic presentation about the impact of tobacco on one's life was written by one of our NFME volunteers and is most appropriate for the middle school population.
  • Displays about tobacco can be set up for school health fairs or other venues that target youth.
  • An annual "Don't Smoke" poster contest is held at an area middle school. The winning poster is developed into billboards displayed in our community, and the winner is recognized at an assembly at their school. NFME thanks Lamar Advertising and BlueCross BlueShield for their financial support of this program.
-Smoking cessation programs are encouraged at area high schools. NFME volunteers are available to provide assistance, training, or materials to area high schools about cessation.

"Great American Smokeout" activities have been held, "business cards" with smoking quit lines are distributed, and several volunteers at area high schools and NFME volunteers have been trained to facilitate a 13 session cessation program designed for teens (N.O.T)

-Girl's Incorportated in Kingsport has had a "Girls Against Tobacco" program. This provides tobacco education to the girls as well as provides fun activities for them to be advocates about the dangers of tobacco to their peers and families.

SCAD Coalition,
May 16, 2013, 5:38 AM
SCAD Coalition,
May 16, 2013, 5:38 AM