071212 Meeting Notes

From July 12 meeting, the following ideas were offered:
  • Learn more about Social Marketing (the Public Health Model --> How to use the message to change the culture)
  • How do we get our community more passionate about this issue
    • What is in it for them?
    • How do we get them to recognize that?
    • How do we instill more responsibility/understanding - there are consequences to our choices
  • Assessment
    • What opportunities already exist?
    • How do we support or create more opportunities?
    • Are all of the providers using best practices and evidence based programs?
  • Do an free event for a target audience
  • Get media more involved:
    • Can they help promote message that best practices/evidence based are best use of resources?
    • Develop more press releases
    • Develop list of local folks for TV
      • Victim Impact Panel (Bristol - Judge Lauderbeck's Court) has speakers for DUI
    • Create op-ed pieces for Newspapers
  • Apply for Bristol Youth Leadership:
    • Social Hosting that connects to parents
      • Use different sectors (Law Enforcement, Faith Based, Government, Youth, etc) to create a PSA
    • Start a Youth Coalition
Small Group Reporting

Prescription Drug Abuse
Provide Information Media blitz on the scope of the problem
  • age of onset
  • addiction rates
Review legislation on prescribing controlled substances
 Build Skills    Partner with Wellmont, Mountain States to teach:
  • more pain management skills
  • alternatives to narcotics
 Provide Support Young adults need their own Narcotics Annoymous
Enhance Access
Reduce Barriers

 Incentives DisincentivesProvide bracelets for turning in unused drugs
 Physical Design     More collection places during DEA Take-Backs
 Change Policy    Review legislation on reporting - What are the consequences?

  • Assessment 
    • Work with law enforcement to make sure users are asked where they got the drugs
    • Continue to collect data from Woodridge, hospitals about long range effects
  • Probation and Parole - still can't test for it (too costly)
    • Can community fundraising help?
  • Still a need for pamphlets and posters

Underage Drinking Interventions
  • Calendar four (4) editorials: Red Ribbon Week, Prom/Graduation 
    • Social Hosting 
    • Effects on the brain
    • Long term problems
    • Driving Under the Influence
  • Retailers
    • Group doesn't think Town Hall Meeting strategy for retailers will work
    • Develop survey 
  • Promote Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
  • Penalties - what are they, who do they apply to; do we need to change any policies