111314 Meeting Notes

111314 Coalition Meeting

Keith Shultz, liaison for the Tennessee Anti-Tobacco Advocacy Initiative, presented advocacy training that can easily be generalized to all of the advocacy work that coalitions do.

Substance Group Reports:

Preventing Nicotine Initiation:
Jill White, Johnnie Mae Swagerty, Baxter Hood

Johnnie Mae spoke to Lucy Fleming, FunFest, about creating smoke free areas next year. They can't make the entire festival smoke-free, but they are willing to put up signs. 
  • Need to check to see who will partner for the signs
  • Also need to consider whether to create a campaign similar to Anderson County's "Choose Not to Use, Let's Be Tobacco Free"
Questions was asked about renewing legislation about smoke-free outdoor spaces. Alice will talk to Charlie Glass, Kingsport YMCA and Jon Lundberg.

Preventing Underage Drinking:
Margaret Feierabend, Glenn James, Juanelle Lambert

Presentation to Beer Boards to include:
  • info about SCAD Coalition
  • Effects of alcohol on brain development 
  • Enforcement issues
  • Ideas about signage for retail stores about age / brochures
  • WIGS changes and implications
To be completed by June 2015

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse:
Jason Abernathy, Judy Crusenberry, Leona Smith, Suzanne Folkner, Josh Parsons, Bethany Piper

Brainstorming about implementing the new Partnership For Success plan: 
  • Providing information, implementation activities:
    • Jason and Judy willing to talk to groups
    • Find conference contact information for mainline denominations, Faith-in-Action and send information for distribution
    • Rotary, Civitan, Kiwanis, etc.
    • Need to figure out the most important target group for our first Town Hall meeting
    • Use our Social Media Accounts to get out the word about drop box locations - Twitter and Instagram suggested 
      • We would need to set up an Instagram account. We have Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest
    • Provide Mountain States, Holston Medical Group, Wellmont and pharmacies with information about drop box locations