110812 Meeting Notes

110812 SCAD Coalition Meeting

Tobacco Panel Presentations were followed by small group work on Underage Tobacco Access and Retail Strategies.

Comprehensive Underage Tobacco Interventions Worksheet

Presenter Points:
Dr. Hadii Mamudu
(Assistant Professor, ETSU College of Public Health)
  • 3000 new smokers/day because of magical thinking, "I can quit at any time."
  • Tobacco is the hardest habit to get rid of
  • by 26 years of age, 99% of future smokers are already smoking
  • After 20-30 years of smoking, every part of the human body is affected
  • Also:
    • increased risk of SIDS
    • $2.9 billion loss in Tennessee
  • Laws implemented to protect youth:
    • 1994 - Tobacco Youth Access Act (TN)
    • 1995 - Clean Indoor Air Act (where kids are gathered)
    • 2007 - Non-Smokers Protection Act
  • Best Policies:
    • Limit youth access
    • Enforce smoke-free indoor air policies
Dr. Mary Rouse (Principal Tennessee HS)
  • Ended culture of smoking in rest rooms
    • Enforcement 
      • stick to original intent
      • cameras were used to narrow down possible violators
    • Environment - repainted, added administrators in hallway, only one rest room per floor available b/t classes, custodians helped
    • Training - teachers were trained on changes
    • Consequences - worked with courts
      • Tobacco school
      • SRO citation if student didn't attend 
    • Got other students involved in identifying smokers
    • Maintained high expectations
  • 2009-10: 36 smokers turned in
  • 2010-11: 27 smokers
  • 2011-12: 25
  • 2012-13 (to date): 12
Mrs. Melinda Wilcox (Tobacco Educator, Sullivan County Regional Health Department)
    Goals of the Health Department:
  • Prevent initiation
  • Promote quitting (QUIT-line / quit plan)
  • Eliminate exposure to second hand smoke
  • Identify and eliminate tobacco related disparities