091114 Meeting

091114 Coalition Meeting

Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition's dialogue with local legislators

IMG_3783.JPGRev. Winigar gave an informative presentation on an evidence based practice kn
own as Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT
). A few simple questions asked by primary care providers can go a long way to reducing harm from alcohol or other substance abuse.
Jon Lundberg joined us to discuss what was accomplished in the last legislative session and the upcoming issues. One concern that has statewide interest from other Coalitions is repeal of the Intractable Pain Act. This would reduce pressure on doctors to prescribe opioids over other options for pain management. Last year repeal of this bill passed in the House but was deferred in the Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee.

Another topic was how to allow School Boards to have tobacco free campuses. Currently all of our school systems do not allow tobacco in the bleachers or restrooms of athletic events. Several local organizations, including school boards, have run into difficulty extending local control because of the state’s preemption over tobacco decisions.

Jon will also reintroduce his “Open Container” law which would prohibit passengers from drinking alcohol in a vehicle. Last year it passed through all of the House committees, but failed to get a second in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Passage would add millions of federal dollars to the state budget. Fatal crashes are reduced in the states that conform to the federal standards represented by this bill.

Jon warned that marijuana will be introduced in every way that its supporters can think of, while assuring us that he would not be voting in favor of legalizing marijuana. Coalition members supported this position, raising concerns about advertising to children, making edible products appealing to youth, and smoking “medicine.”