011013 Meeting Notes

Our guest speaker District Attorney General Barry Staubus has served in the District Attorney's office for 18 years. Appointed in 2011 and re-elected without opposition in the last election he has successfully prosecuted some high profile cases. He has also been dedicated to reducing and preventing synthetic drugs in our county and state. By studing what worked and didn’t work with laws passed in other states, working closely with our representatives, and testifing before our legislature, he helped put a much needed law into place last summer. 
Throughout, he made himself available to any group who wanted to learn more about the devastation of synthetic drugs, probably doing more community presentations on the topic than any other person in our county.

District Attorney General Barry Staubus showed the video by the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference call Deceptive Danger. The video addresses the devastating consequences of prescription and synthetic drug abuse. These videos, posters and brochures have been delivered to the school systems. Anyone who would like a copy of the materials should contact his office. They can also present on many other topics like anti-pregnancy, meth, child abuse, and sexting. 

He reported that the feds are coordinating with other agencies to prosecute the doctor-pushers. He suggested that suboxene should be regulated like methadone and talked about ongoing legislative issues that will be addressed in this year's session. The death rate has come down as a result of the work done last year. 

Following his presentation, our Prescription Drug Logic Model was presented:

The group then divided into three workgroups:
Prescription Drug Abuse Implementation: Linda Brittenham, Rebecca Craddock, Deidre Pendly, Lt. Brad Tate, Sherry Wagner and Jill White
 What?    Who? By When? 
 Media access opportunities: Dave Light radio show, Channel 16, Bristol, YouTube  
 Educate law enforcement: Bristol, Kingsport, Sullivan Count, Bluff City
(Have them attend meetings)
 Take Back Events  
 Health Fairs to educate the community  
 Other important notes to share: Pharmacies taking back over the counter drugs

Tobacco Prevention: Baxter Hood and Susan LaGuardia
This group reviewed the Prevention Strategies that were to be submitted to the state for approval and made suggestions that were incorporated into the plan:

Tobacco Prevention Strategies

Underage & Binge Drinking Strategy and Implementation: Margaret Feierabend and Susan Lodal
Prioritized importance of past ideas:
  1. Redo Strategy: 2 - 4 people to redo it and present it to the Coalition
  2. Parent Presentations: 
    1. Engage Media: WETS Parenting, WCSK Radio - Kingsport 90.3 FM, Channel 16
    2. PTA involved, incorporate into parenting education; "Parent University (credit for attending)
    3. Church programs
    4. Civic groups
  3. Create editorials: find people who have expertise and can speak from experience
  4. Social Hosting data: fin out what others do to collect
 What?     Who? By When?
 Redo Strategy     2-4 SCAD Coalition Members
Susan and Margaret willing, need experience other person
 Next 2 months, for approval at next meeting
 Parent Presentation:
  • Need to develop the parenting education program, include parenting skills
    • Partnerships with PTA, church programs, civic groups, Channel 16, WCSK
  • Parent University Concept
  • Dream - WETS parenting program