111215 Meeting

An Evidence-Based Response to Rx Drug Abuse / Pack & Mathis

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to:
  • Kristi King, representing the Sullivan County Department of Education for hosting Coalition Steering Committee meetings for the last three years.
  • Baxter Hood, for his ongoing work in community education, challenges to change what can be changed to prevent youth tobacco initiation and recent influence to help complete a project
Dr. Robert Pack, chair ETSU Prescription Drug Abuse/Misuse Working Group present information about the research efforts and presented information about Medication Assisted Treatment. Some of the challenges he referenced were:
  • Holding Clinics in compliance with best practices as addressed by SAMHSA's core services
  • Currently there is no system in place to hold providers to best practices
  • New buprenorphine guidelines were put in place in July that are different than federal standards
  • NE TN has clinics that are part of the problem of diversion
  • Believing the evidence: evidence for the effectiveness of methadone and buprenorphine to keep people in treatment and decrease illicit opioid use is at the top of the following chart
Dr. Pack made the case that more information is needed about the diversion:
  • Is is a bridge to keep illicit users from withdrawing until they can get their drug of choice
  • Is it being diverted for attempts to self therapy
    • When asked at least 7% of users of diverted drugs had tried and failed to access treatment
    • Lifetime use "to get high" was 70%
    • Past 6 month use "to get high" was 47%

Alice McCaffrey,
Dec 2, 2015, 1:16 PM