070915 Meeting Notes


070915 Coalition Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Johnnie Mae Swagerty at 10:03. Following introductions and announcements. She introduced the New Vision Youth. They spoke about their experience at Tennessee Teen Talk Tobacco and their participation in Kick Butts Day. 

Following their presentation, Vicki Casenburg introduced the Health Department's #UNSMOKABLE campaign.

There was a review of the legislative list generated at the May meeting, and an Introduction to Count It, Lock It, Drop It.

Preventing Nicotine Initiation

Present: Leona Smith, Baxter Hood, Johnnie Mae Swagerty, Dr. Mamudu, Di Lun, Jill White, Alisa Johnson, Rachel Dean, Ironica Bell, Lynasia Smith, Monroe Lytoe, Tyrick Hale

Ideas for App:
  • Easier once app is in place
  • Engage them (movie tickets, etc.)
  • Ask movie theaters about giving movie tickets away (target theaters where people are clipping)
  • Instagram account?
  • Design that will grab teens attention (bright colors, etc)
  • Vines
Bristol Project:
  • Unsmokeable
  • Knock Tobacco Out of the Park
  • T4
Check about youth advisory councils - ask Linda Brittenham if they are still active, Margaret Feierabend, THS has council
Also involve youth groups

Town Hall Meeting, Focus Groups, Football games (middle & high school), VT game
Bristol Race?

Umoja - Aug. 14th - 15th - Lorainne Washington (423) 942-9162

Preventing Underage Drinking

Present: Margaret Feierabend, Juanelle Lambert

Places for RBS Training:
  • Bristol: Kroger, Food City, City Annex Building, United Way, YWCA, YMCA, Machievellis(??), Foundation (?), Train Station, Pizza Hut (??)
  • Kingsport: Pizza on Stone Dr. Food City on Clinchfield, Chamber w/ Healthy Kingsport, Rust St. Grill
Youth Leadership
  • Tennessee Teen Institute - how do kids get to go
  • Teen Leadership opportunities available - goal PR, have several apply, incorporate in existing youth serving agencies
Adult LEAD: Social Hosting - don another project - use what used before??

IDEA - have SCAD leadership participate in these programs.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Present: Lindsey Chandler, Leslie Earhart, Linda Brittenham, Judy Crusenberry, Bethany Piper, Natalie Street and Alice McCaffrey

Judy Crusenberry volunteered to contact several pharmacies to see if they would be willing to learn more about Count It Lock It Drop it. She will need an ID (CLDit pin and ribbon/laminated name with logo).

Make videos showing how easy it is to drop expired medications at law enforcement boxes. Challenge coalition members to bring medications to next Coalition meeting and drop them off at Sheriff's office following the meeting.

Project ideas: Public Service Announcement about Dropboxes
BYL - Group to educate public schools (PTS)

Sullivan House Kids may also be able to help educate public.