051415 Meeting Notes

051415 Coalition Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Jill White at 10:05. Tony Daston, Bob Bogart, Justin Nidiffer and Bethany Piper were thanked for their service. The following people were elected to the Steering Committee:
Judy Crusenberry
Rosalee Sites
TBA - a member from Healthy Kingsport Tobacco Sub-Committee
The following officers were elected to serve from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016
President - Johnnie Mae Swagerty
VP - no one on slate (to be appointed by the Steering Committee)
Secretary - Alisa Johnson /Vicki Casenburg
Treasurer - Jason Abernathy
Legislation that passed and on hold from the 109th Session of the General Assembly was reviewed. There was a question about whether a prescription will be needed for Cannabis Oil.

This portion of the bill seems to address that question:
Generally under present law, a person may not possess marijuana. For purposes of the criminal drug laws, present law excludes from the definition of "marijuana" cannabis oil containing the substance cannabidiol with less than 0.9 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), when transferred, dispensed, possessed, or administered as part of a clinical research study on the treatment of intractable seizures supervised by a physician practicing at a hospital or associated clinic affiliated with a university having a college or school of medicine.

A video of part of Dr. Nora Volkaw's Keynote Speech at the CADCA National Forum and discussion about our personal positions on marijuana followed demonstrating how complicated the issue is. Ultimately most of the group believed the the prevention position is that more research needs to happen before legalizing smoked marijuana should be considered. 

The "Wish List" for the next General Assembly included:
  • Passing an Open Container Law
  • Establishing 50 foot smoke free zones in public areas
  • Evidence based/informed legislation that does not restrict addiction treatment
  • Next steps in reducing pill mills
  • Include Employee Assistance Programs and evidence based training programs in the TN Drug Free Workplace
  • More evidence based substance abuse prevention provided in school curricula, especially at certain graded (perhaps led by CSH)
A review of the resources on the website, SAMSHA's "Talk They Hear You" app and campaign were covered.

A new project of the Coalition, scan4.scadcoalition.org was introduced. The link will take you to a drop down menu of environmental scans that can be performed in our community to help provide information for our future work. They include:
  • Secondhand Smoke - report places where SHS is bothering you....enough data about a particular site, we might ask they to introduce voluntary restrictions.
  • Retail Tobacco Signage - seeing too much advertising directed at children or youth...report it
  • Retail Alcohol Signage - same as above
  • Alcohol ID Check - if you are ordering alcohol, your ID should be required. Let us know which retailers are and are not asking for an ID before selling alcohol to you (or the folks at the next table)
A video featuring Dr. Stephen Loyd, local advocate and White House Advocate for Action award winner was shown and discussed.

Coalition members volunteered to help put up and take down our new "Please Don't Smoke Around Children" signs at FunFest.

The meeting was adjourned at noon. Those who wanted training to become a distribution site for the "Give Me A Reason" home test kits stayed for an extra 15 minutes.