031016 Meeting

031016 Coalition Meeting

Prescription Drug Abuse Work Group Agenda

Present: Linda Brittenham, Lindsey Chandler, Susan LaGuardia, and Alice McCaffrey

Reviewed what is available on the Work Group Site.

Take Back Event (April 30, 2016) - PR updates

  • Ads running - TV (30-sec PSA) / Pinnacle (15-sec PSA)
  • Quarter page flyers / Posters ordered
  • Bristol Public Access Channel: Angie Rutherford (BTN) will run 15-second spot for two weeks
  • Hospital screens: Teresa Hicks and Jim Wosniak have been contacted. Jim was forwarding request to their marketing department

Deterra product - 200 pouches have been purchased, RFP letter will be sent to LE

Healthier Appalachia Grant proposal (Deterra product, naloxone) letter of intent to submit

While presenting a grant opportunity to the Sheriff’s Office that would allow them to carry an auto-injector Naloxone, they expressed a willingness to let us distribute a brochure to everyone leaving jail (@10,000/year) telling them of their risk of overdose and providing information about resources available to them


Announcements @ Rx Generation grant proposal - Mar/Apr

Workshop about Healthier Appalachia Grant

Next meeting will be arranged through Doodle